Help - Investment Options

Investment Options provides details of the range of investment options that the ING UK Pension Fund has made available.

L&G Hybrid Property 70:30 Fund

The graph below provides detail of the actual performance of the chosen fund over the last year based on unit price information held on our administration system.

If you wish to view the fund performance over a different period please select a different timeframe using the options below the graph.

Remember, past performance is not a guide to future returns.

If you wish to compare the fundís performance with another fund, please select one using the selection list.

Fund to compare to Time frame to display

L&G 30:70 Hedged Glob Eq Index
L&G AAA-AA-A CBondAllStocksIDX
L&G AsiaP(ex Jap) Dev Eq Index
L&G Cash Fund
L&G Diversified Fund
L&G Europe (ex UK) Eq Index
L&G Japan Equity Index Fund
L&G MSCI ACWI Adpt Cap Index
L&G North American Eq Index
L&G Over 15 Year Gilts Index
L&G Over 5yr Index Linked Gilt
L&G PMC WLD Inflation SAAF
L&G UK Equity Index
L&G World (ex UK) Equity
L&G World Emerg Mkts Eq Index
MSCI Adaptive Capped 50:50
L&G Composite Bond Fund
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Last 2 years
Last 3 years
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