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At the 2023 Budget, the Government announced that the Lifetime Allowance would be abolished from 2024/25 onwards. For 2023/24, the Lifetime Allowance is still in place and some benefits are still restricted by Lifetime Allowance availability. However, the Government has removed any Lifetime Allowance charges for the 2023/24 tax year. This means benefits in excess of the Lifetime Allowance will usually be subject to income tax at marginal rate. Your member portal has yet to be updated for these changes to the Lifetime Allowance.
You may have seen in the news that Capita, who provide our administration services, experienced a cyber‐attack earlier this year. Capita informed us following the incident that they took steps to isolate and contain the issue. Capita has also kept the Trustees updated on its subsequent investigation. It is our understanding that Capita has now concluded its internal investigation of the impacted data and confirmed that some personal data relating to some of our members has been impacted. These members have been notified individually.

We are working closely with Capita to understand how the incident occurred and what steps have been taken to prevent a reoccurrence. We will write to members again to provide further information once the Trustees’ post incident review is complete.